Product Creation Workshop

WITH The Product Creation Workshop, YOU'LL GET:

  • The exact same simple 7x7x5 framework that Dave Navarro, Troy Dean, Daniel Priestley, Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern, Miles Beckler and hundreds more have used to create products that generate them income for YEARS to come
  • The 3 part "testing formula" that checks if your product will be profitable, popular and powerful for your audience before you've even built it
  • Downloadable 22 page report with complete step-by-step guide for the whole process
  • How to get your audio transcribed for FREE over and over without spending a cent on expensive transcription services
  • Complete worksheet series to get your ideas on paper, choose the best ones and build a product before your eyes
  • Killer 35 point product script that lets you just talk to your phone and create a scalable product in minutes, not days
  • My low key, super easy sales process for selling the product over and over without constant sales campaigns
  • The exact sales tools I use that make taking payments easy, fast and without having to invest thousands in a new platform
  • How to generate 35 additional product ideas just from talking about 7 things you're good at (and how to turn each one into a product)
  • 8 product launch email templates that you can use to sell your products to customers and leads on auto-pilot

Product Creation Workshop

You're about to buy the fastest and easiest product creation framework on the planet, to start building multiple income streams within an afternoon.

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